My name is Shruthi Venkatesh. I am an illustrator and graphic designer from India. After 5 years as a senior visual designer at Freshworks Inc., I am now pursuing my Masters in Advertising at The Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. I have worked with tech companies including Airbase and Sideways6 in Silicon Valley and The United Kingdom by helping them set an illustration style for their brand. I also work on publications and handmade products such as children’s textbooks, storybooks, board games and illustrated clothing in India.

I strongly believe in creating work that isn’t just beautiful to see, but is also sustainable and assists in educating and solving problems. 

In my free time I enjoy obsessing over fan art, playing with dogs and translating Japanese songs and Anime to English. If you are interested in connecting with me feel free to reach out to me at mailshruthiv@gmail.com