Create a global campaign for Coca-Cola for the LA Olympics 2028. Celebrate Coca-Cola Company’s 100th Year Sponsorship of the games.

COCA COLA X Olympics- The Big Idea

Wherever people gather, there should be Coca-Cola. So we shipped 1000 cases of Coca-Cola with the US team to the Olympics in 1928″ –John Pemberton, 1928

Coca-Cola has played an important role in the Olympics since 1928. Innovating, creating and bringing people closer together, beyond race and culture in the spirit of sports. What ties these together?

THE LOGO UNIT – Celebrating a 100 years



An important design element is the start folk. They represent the starts in all of us, the stars created during the Olympics, and the stardom in LA. A symbol of aspiration, perseverance and achievement.

These characters are inspired by the forward and upward movements commonly observed in Coke and Olympic visuals. These characters will be used in combination with the coke elements as part of branding.


Limited Edition Cans to celebrate the event.

Enamel Pin Collections are a craze at the Olympics, I created a series of Limited edition pins celebrating a 100 years of the Olympic Partnership for Coca-Cola.

Social Media Posts featuring influencers at the HIlltop concert to be held during the Olympics. #CocaColaAlways will be shared by micro influencers and celebrities extensively before and during the event.

Branded cycles to commute between event venues and Bags for giveaways and purchases at the booth


  • The Summer Olympics is hot and Coca-Cola is here to save the day. This vending machine dispenses not just sodas but also Your summer essentials to keep you safe from the heat. All you have to do is share a tweet and choose what you want from the list of items. Customers can pick or through voice activation or through touch.
  • The voice activated Billboard encourages people to shout “Always here” in a new language to get a free limited edition coke can.
Branded Cabs during the Olympics.


You can view the entire pitch deck here

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