Minecraft Earth Campaign I 2nd Place

The Brief

Create a launch campaign for Minecraft earth in 24 hours. The goal was to come up with concepts to make the world a better place using Minecraft Earth. Understand how the game works and create a positive impact and buzz during its launch.


Generate is a 24 hour contest. It’s a design hackathon that encourages participants to work together in teams and come up with design solutions in crunch time. There were a total of 14 teams that participated in this contest and each team consisted of 3 members.

The Pitchbook


The world in Minecraft is so in sync with real life that the game can be a driving force to bring solutions to real world problems, and with Minecraft earth the experience just got better.

This was our overarching idea. Using the game to bring bring light to the current situations that need awareness and could be used as a tool to educate the gamers who inturn would influence people around them.

To drive this point home we pick one situation for the purpose of our launch. The environment

CRAFTING CHANGE -one pixel at a time

Earth Measure

  • Resources in Minecraft will carry a description that says ‘earth measure’
  • Earth Measure is the amount of that resource that currently exists on the planet in real life.
  • If the player wants to learn more about its properties and uses they can look it up in the inventory.

Real Life Quests

A reddit thread on how the beaches in Minecraft were polluted mirrored the situation in the real world. Gamers are encouraged to participate in costal cleanups in real life with their clan to earn points and unlock special rewards within the game.

Reverse Engineer Pollution

  • Create challenges that mirror the real world.
  • Partner with NGO’s and companies that can handle tree planting such as Ecosia.
  • Pollute the game and have the players clean up as a quest.

Promote all activities with #minecraftingchange

Get influencers to play the game and talk about the impact it can have on their everyday

Form Minecraft earth clubs that reward users for sustainable thinking within a game

Teams that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the minecraft earth Challenge.

Thank you!

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