THE API-First Transformation and THE 300 + ICON LIBRARY

The API-First Transformation is authored by Kin-Lane. The book is for business leaders who realize that the way information is created, distributed, and consumed will define tomorrow’s organizations. It explains how the execution of APIs will serve as a source of value for an organization.

As an Art director and Illustrator, I conceptualized the cover, the icons and the overall visual direction for the Book.

Assets for Launch

Blog and Website

The API-First Transformation can be bought on Amazon

Creating an Icon Library

THe API-First Transformation has over 300 icons inside, each representing a topic that Kin carefully explains. There was a brillant use case for these icons beyond the book, which is marketing collaterals, and creation of workflows and educational content. The icons are branded in the Postman brand palette and follow a singular style across the set. I began by categorizing the icons to break down the process.

The categories are

1) Technical
2) Actions
3) People and Skills
4) Things and Places
5) Errors
6) Logos

The icons were created in Figma and are maintained as a central library. This library is accessible to product designers. I also created an easier system for teams that couldn’t access it on Figma by hosting it on a website that can be accessed by the entire org. The marketing-engineering team at postman helped build this website huge kudos to them for making the whole process accessible.

When added to Postman’s internal brand portal for the rest of the org to download. They were immediately consumed by teams in decks, sales assets, marketing collaterals, the product, and more.

The website lets users download the icons as an SVG or a PNG and we also provide a /img tag for developers to use in their work.

More on the creation and maintenance of an internal brand site another time:)


Thank you!

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