The Godly Ones

I worked on a little project called ‘The Godly ones’. A childish take on some of the popular gods. I intend to make many more gods from various religions to add to this gang.


Ganesha has the head of a baby elephant. He loves to eat and is a very kind boy. He’s very helpful. Ask him nicely and he might even break a tooth for you.krishna

Krishna is dark, handsome, intelligent and charming, everybody loves him. The flute is just a hobby. He loves to win ( can cheat at times ). Very popular with the ladies


Karthikeya is a charming boy who rides a peacock. He can be a little sensitive and is very devoted to his parents. Karthikeya is playful and loves to tease his brother, Ganesha.


Parvati is pretty chill. She likes flowers and is into sculpting. She can be an overprotective mom at times. She has a pet lion:)


Shiva is into dance, music and the likes. When he is in a good mood, he’s a nice guy. Just try not to get on his bad side, coz he’s got like laser beams and stuff.

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