EZ Vidya – Textbooks for Kids

I had the opportunity of working with Team EZ Vidya who are working towards changing the curriculum and education system in India. I created a set of Illustrations that are used in their textbooks for children from nursery to middle school. These textbooks are being used in over 1000 schools across India .

“Goal of education is to awaken the extraordinary Human Potential in every child. Every child is born with an extraordinary Human Potential. The journey of education must awaken that potential and let it blossom”

Such an education will
– Recognize every child is different
– Be questioning based
– Nurture social, emotional and cognitive aspects of the mind

The illustrated icons are of 3 types

  • Object based icons to represent a task or activity in the textbook.
  • Character based Icons for nursery kids
  • Character based icons for middle school

Since these are meant for really young children I went with a soft palette and an approachable style that looked cute.

Object Based Icons
Character Based Icons for Nursery
Character Based Icons for Middle School

It feels great when you get to be a part of something thats helping children learn and grow:)

Thank You

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