The sysadman Diaries I Comic

It was June 2016. We were a month away from System Administrator Appreciation Day, also known as Sysadmin Day. In celebration of this day was born ‘The Sysadman Diaries’. A webcomic series about the life of Jack Wylde. Here is his character description.

“Jack Wylde (aka Sysadman) is a brainy IT guy who lacks empathy (and social etiquette) and is basically a ‘brilliant jerk’. He has a sarcastic sense of humor. He’s lazy and would rather be playing video games on a beanbag than listen to users whine about their lost mouse (but inevitably, these are the kind of issues he always ends up getting).”


I wanted the design to look pleasing and simple. I also had to resonate with the Freshservice brand colour.

Handwritten fonts add a playful touch to the comic. All of them are free fonts and can be found on

The little little red blush marks on the characters cheeks are what I call the magic dots. They add a tiny splash of colour to the otherwise monotone feel of the comic.

2018 Calendar

In December 2017 a New Year campaign was planned by the Freshservice marketing team. I had great fun working on this calendar The idea was to send out fun calendars to IT folks across the globe. People could sign up and request for a 2018 Sysadmin desk calendar on the sysadmin webpage. We shipped out over 2000 copies in by the end of January 2018.

Pages from the 2018 Calendar

The little icing on the top for this project was that it got listed as no 2 on Product Hunt for a day:)

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