Role: Web Design, Illustration and Art Direction

Freshworks Academy launched in January, 2019. Whether you’re a user of Freshworks’ products looking to learn more about what you can do with them, or a professional looking to make a mark in your customer-facing role, you’ll find Freshworks Academy useful. It exist to help users become the best versions of themselves, by helping to gain skills that will be useful not just in their career, but also in their lives.

I got to work on a number of projects that were UI/UX based while at Freshworks. I worked on Sketch to design the layout and the illustrations were made on Illustrator.

I started by creating a library of elements that I could use in the website as well as for social media posts and videos. These were elements that were related to teaching and learning.

I wanted the style to be unique but still stay in line with the Freshworks brand and hence came up with the following color palate and Style. The light pastel shades would help the colors of the course section stand out.

I created to the Webpages in a format that would easily fit into the existing CMS without causing too much pain to the team’s web developers. At the same time I tried to make the design interesting enough for new learners to navigate and understand by keeping things simple and clean.

Thank you

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