Shellstrop Package Design



The Ask

Design packaging for a beer brand based on a TV show of your choice. Create a logo system for the beer and also design tattoos and a mobile game that can be used to promote the brand.

The Good Place

I based my beer on the popular NBC TV show, ‘The Good Place’.

Alcohol gives you a high and most of the time it takes you to ‘The Good Place’ in your head. The attitude of the protagonist fit my brand voice perfectly. This show and beer seemed great for each other. A match made in heaven or should I say Hell?


Illustrated Beer Packaging

I picked an illustrated style for the brand, I felt like this style would stand out on a shelf due to its colors and artistic details.I wanted the colors to be vibrant and artistic, especially since the show is very vibrant. I also wanted there to be a good contrast between the colors in each can. I wanted the content to be reflective of each character from the show.

Ideations for tattoos, promotion and game for the brand

Thank You:)

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