Fireside Stories

The Brief

Design a deck of cards that follow a theme while analyzing a typeform.

Ideas and Moodboards

Fireside Stories

I decided to go with the theme Fireside stories since I have always wanted to illustrate stories and the theme would help me explore a serif font. Serif fonts are special since that is where the web fonts originally came from. Each Suite will be a folktale from a different part of India. North, South, East, and West. The stories will be simple clear and accompanied by illustrations while exploring typography in depth.


The reason I went with this font is that I want my theme to have the feeling of reading an old book, an ancient tale told to kids. Caslon fits perfectly as it is a serif font and has been used in various storybooks throughout history.
The type also has a lot of distinct characteristics that I explored.

Fireside Stories- The deck

The Stories

I wrote the stories in simplified forms and distributed it across each suite so it reads well as a whole deck. The stories are

  1. From the north of India, written in Kashmir comes a tale of friendship and fantasy.
    Vikram and Betal
  2. From the southern lands of Karnataka is the story of Nakula a story of how hasty decisions can have bad consequences.
  3. From the east state of Arunachal Pradesh is the story of Bhoomi a beautiful story of
    love and creation.
  4. From the West comes a story of wisdom and cleverness in the most unusual form of a bird. Kalia the clever crow

Visual Development

Orange is a color that is an important part of the Indian flag and is commonly seen in the country’s history . I used one of my older drawings to set the theme for a vibrant set of cards that would be a combination on orange, black and offwhite.

this is an illustration I made to test if the colors were working well together


I researched various Kings, Queens, Folktales, and comics from India to come up with Illustrations for My deck. I wanted them to be detailed so that they add richness to the beautiful font that Caslon is. Here are a look at my roughs and some of my completed sketches.

This deck can be purchased here

Thank you

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