The Ask

Develop an integrated social media campaign for Zoo Atlanta.

Brand and Concept


Flipping the coin on traditional animal viewing to the animals viewing and commenting on  humans.

ZooAtlspeaks is a 360 Social media campaign that is driven by copy. It started with one straightforward insight. What if we flip the coin from traditional “Animal Viewing” to “Human viewing”? How would animals feel about humans at the Zoo? What if they speak up? The strategy will be executed as a combination of copy and visuals to engage the audience on social media.

I worked with my teammate Hahn on this project. A lot of ‘Aha’ moments, when I’m with her!

This campaign goes through four major stages.


The inform posts will educate the viewers about exciting facts about these animals


  • Animals of the Zoo giving humans dating tips.
    “How to have a successful date 101” guide by animals with wings.

These posts are an example of what Real-Time Marketing would look like for The Oscars, Valentines day, National Alpaca Day etc.

As national birds of India, maybe its just the peacocks who are influenced by Bollywood. #BollywoodBirds #ZooATLspeaks
Did you know sea otters hold hands to prevent each other from floating away? #HappyValentinesDay #ZooATLspeaks
It’s National Alpaca Day! These cute guys are native to South America. Alpaca your bags and visit #ZooATLspeaks #AlpacaDay


Posts follow the format of Humans of New York but with an animal twist to it. The campaign would still use #ZooATLspeaks. I had the opportunity to get on a call with Wes and Stephanie from Zoo Atlanta to understand more about their marketing.

One key takeaway was that people tend to listen more when animals have a unique voice.

Instagram filter

These filters will let the user view the world through the eyes of the animals. It will let the user see through the animal’s eye. They are an educative and fun way to attract more audience to the Zoo.

These filters can also be used by schools to teach young children about animals. A wide range of these can be made, for a variety of themes such as sight, food, how animals move etc.

I went ahead and developed a prototype version using Spark AR. The final versions will be available on instagram for download and use soon.


Users can choose between animals, and a recording of the animal’s voice will be played. Users would have to mimic the sound they hear to earn points. The closer the sound to the original, the higher the points would be. Top scorers receive free passes to Zoo Atlanta.

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